RenderX, a market leader in "XML to PDF" and "XML to PostScript" technology, offers the most productive tool available for high-quality print output of XML content. RenderX XEP is the only commercial grade XSL formatter written in Java for dynamic presentation of sophisticated documents, enabling companies to single source their content for both web and print products - including use in a localization and globalization software and services. RenderX's patent pending technology is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide in the financial, consumer, insurance, government, manufacturing, transportation and pharmaceutical sectors to deliver dynamic documents in high volume to their customers, partners and employees. Committed to open standards and quality software components, RenderX helps companies to achieve efficiency, cost savings and quick return on investment. For more information, visit RenderX on the web at

Assentis Technologies AG offers solutions to design, create and manage personalized business documents based on XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, RTF and other open standards. Assentis:DocDesign, the flagship product, is the most complete and advanced document engineering solution for XSL-FO based documents. Assentis:DocWrite is a web based document processing solution for enterprises who want to standardize and simplify their personalized business communication. Assentis:DocBase is a state-of-the-art document production system built for the automatic creation of highly dynamic business documents such as banking statements, insurance policies, contracts, item lists and marketing collaterals. Assentis solutions are designed for organizations in a variety of sectors to deliver personalized business documents in high volume to customers, partners and employees across the enterprise.

Bluestream Corporation develops W3C standard-based native XML database management systems which are bundling with OEM applications worldwide. XStreamDB server is platform and device independent pure Java technology that allows you to create, author, manage, store, retrieve, reuse and query mission critical documents. Our customers are application developers in the HL7 (Health Care), E-Learning, Military (SCORM), Content Management systems (Web Development, services), Corporate Information Assets (Legacy Systems) that need a cost effective, under the hood, reliable full featured native XML DBMS.