Personalized business documents are important to address customers with the relevant information at the right level, at the right time. Axos offers different products that allow enterprises to interactively create personalized business documents such as monthly bank statements, insurance policies, telecom invoices, and much more. These products incorporate open standards such as XML, XSL-FO, SVG, Java and .NET to protect our customerís document design & production solution investments.

RenderX XEP
Is a Java based rendering engine, converting XSL-FO to PDF, PostScript, AFP and SVG.
Axos Technologies resells XEP and offers it for an very competitive price. Please contact us for your personalized quote.

XEP, the market leader in XML to PDF

Is a software-platform providing document composition, content management and document delivery services to any organization, from small businesses to global operations, managing single communications as well as large volumes.
Axos Technologies is a reseller of Assentis and provides Integration Services, Training and Support for this product family. Please contact us for more information.

Apache FOP
Is a Java based, open-source rendering engine, converting XSL-FO to PDF, PostScript, AFP, SVG and other formats. Axos Technologies has been an active contributor to this open-source project.

Apache FOP
Axos FormMapper
A rapid forms template designer for static layout forms and documents with variable data (text and images).
Axos FormMapper