Axos Professional Services

Document Template Development

The Professional Services Team has a long experience in developing custom document templates for different verticals and applications such as: Insurance, Financial Services, Telecom, Energy & Utility, Government, Invoicing, Reports, Catalogs, Book Publishing and many more. We write the XSLT templates with an XML Editor (we have over 5 years expierience) or use a specific template design software like Axos FormMapper, depending on the complexity of the document.

Integration Services

Axos provides integration services for all its products in our customers environment. Our services range from technical advice up to the full installation, integration and configuration.


Axos offers training and education in conjunction with its products to its customers on an individual basis. It is our objective to align our training with our customerís specific needs; therefore our trainings differ in terms of their content, duration and focus.


Axos offers free eMail support to all users of products sold by us. Phone support is available to users with a valid Support Subscription. On-site in person support is also possible.

IT Consulting

Axos provides management support for all types of document-related topics.
Additionally our goals are to transfer knowledge, provide leadership and deliver results in the areas of:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Services